Impact Provides Hope for Addict


Impact Provides Hope for Addict.

Shawn had tried before to clean himself of the drugs and straighten out his life. After six months in Warriors Center, a rehabilitation program, he relapsed and returned to his old habit of dealing drugs on the streets of Memphis. One Monday night, Landon Clay, residential program director of Warriors Center, went downtown to feed homeless individuals through an outreach called More on Mondays. It just so happened to be located on the same street corner where Shawn was hanging out, high on crack. Clay went over to Shawn who said he wanted to return to the rehab center and try again. Five weeks later, Shawn is back at Warriors Center, doing "fantastic," said Clay.


Impact Logistics, a Memphis-based labor providing company, made this life-changing program possible for Shawn. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the long-time, nationwide business. To celebrate, Impact is focusing specifically on one of its guiding principles CEO David Hamilton put into place. This principle is to "return to the community a share of the success we experience."


"As our loyal customers continue to trust us to provide dependable labor and outstanding service, we continue to succeed," Hamilton said. "In return, we desire to be a blessing to the community in practical ways by investing in organizations that meet physical needs."


Impact decided to partner with Warriors Center, a rehabilitation program that provides treatment and recovery for substance abuse. Impact employees also volunteer at More on Mondays every third Monday of the month. The downtown outreach prepares 80 meals every Monday to homeless individuals.


Because of Hamilton's friendship with Warriors Center, Clay was also volunteering with Impact employees that Monday. When he saw Shawn, he was able to immediately offer him another spot in the yearlong rehabilitation program because Hamilton volunteered Impact to pay the cost for treatment.


Not only does Impact support Shawn, but it also pays for two other individuals' recovery every month.


Clay said, "Impact Logistics has been huge for the Warriors Center not only because of the money they've given to us but the personal relationships we've built with each other."


Impact donated $10,000 to replace the air conditioning units in the facility, as well as updated the computer systems and installed a brand new network.


Impact's reach does not stop at Warriors Center or More on Mondays, but extends to Advance Memphis. This organization seeks to provide hope to unemployed, impoverished citizens by offering job training, finance lessons and GED tutoring. Hamilton said his company gave Advance Memphis a new computer network and hired some individuals who went through the Advance Memphis program.


Impact surpassed the principle of giving back to the community by going beyond Memphis. The company financially supports an orphanage and three after-school tutoring programs that provide medical and nutritional attention to more than 300 children in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. In addition, it funds two feeding stations in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, which help more than 450 children.


Although Impact has been successful in the corporate world for 25 years, the company desires to make a difference in its community now and in the future.


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